Commercial solutions

Click’n Tile is an innovative tile solution that can be particularly advantageous in commercial environments such as offices and shops. Do you want to create a more vibrant and creative environment for your employees, or do you need easily replaceable environments in your businesses? Then the solution might be Click’n Tile. From office environments to cafes and shops – Click’n Tile can deliver just the solution that is perfect for you. We also print your own designs, logos, messages on the tiles, so you can create exactly the look you want.

See how

With our replaceable tiles and personalized prints, you can easily adapt your business and your office environment according to your brand manual. We have listed a number of advantages of Clickøn Tile here:

Design and Functionality: The Click’n Tile tiles are designed with a click system, which makes installation simple and fast. The tiles click together without the need for mortar or glue, which makes installation easy and quick.

Materials: The tiles are made of ABS plastic just like LEGO bricks. It is an exclusive and durable material that can be used again and again.

Dimensions: Click’n Tile tiles come in different sizes and shapes, which gives flexibility in design choices.

Use in Commercial Environments

Offices: Depending on the design, Click’n Tile can be used on walls in offices to either create a professional and stylish atmosphere or to create a creative and fun atmosphere.

Walls: Can be used for accent walls or in reception areas to create a modern look.

Business: Click’n Tile is perfect for retail environments where both aesthetics and functionality are important.

Interactivity with chalk marker: The tiles can be used with a Chalk Marker (a felt-tip pen), thus allowing for dynamic and interactive communication. In offices, these tiles can be used for brainstorming, meeting notes and creative writing. In retail environments, they can be used for signage, menu cards, campaigns and customer messages, which can be updated continuously.

Personal with print: On Click’n Tile you have the option of applying your personal print. A print can be up to 1.8 x 2.3 meters and can be ordered directly from Click’n Tile. This is used for LOGO or more fixed messages, such as strategy, objectives or employees of the year.

Timeless Design and Look

Modern and professional appearance: Click’n Tiles tiles are the epitome of clean lines and a uniform surface that gives a professional and modern look.

Color and pattern selection: A wide selection of colors makes it possible to adapt the design to the company’s branding and aesthetic preferences. In addition, we offer to print your designs directly on the tiles. This allows you to personalize your design so that it fits the company’s brand manual.

Flexibility and design: The possibility of easy installation and replacement of the tiles means that the design can be updated according to needs, trends or seasons.

Durability and maintenance: Click’n Tile tiles are designed to be durable and resistant to wear, water and stains, making them ideal for busy commercial environments. They are also easy to clean and maintain, and can even go in the dishwasher.

Quick installation and minimal disruption: The easy and quick installation means that renovations can be carried out quickly with minimal disruption to operations in offices or shops.

The easy installation, durability and flexibility in design make it an ideal solution for companies that want to upgrade their space quickly and efficiently. The ability to use Chalk Marker adds an extra dimension of interactivity and creativity, which can improve communication and engagement in both office and retail environments. The tiles’ versatility and aesthetic appeal allow them to be adapted to any company’s branding and design needs, resulting in an inviting and functional workplace or retail experience.