If you want to be absolutely sure of what you need, we can recommend our calculator, which you will find further down this page.

Tile in 10 x 10

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Metro Tile(13,3×6,6 cm)

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Everything you need to install your Click’n Tile tile wall.

If you want to be sure of what you need, we recommend our calculator.

Made contact by e-mail and provided the dimensions of the wall I wanted to tile. Within no time I received a reply with the list of required items, base plates, glue and the number of tiles. All in all, I am pleasantly surprised and very satisfied with both the materials and the people behind it.

Meike – Trustpilot 

Click’n tiles’ unique tiling system makes installing your new tiles a breeze. You have the opportunity to mix and match between our collections, which cover over 23 different colours. This way you can create your very own personal look. Whether you need new tiles for the kitchen, children’s room or utility room, Click’n tile has a solution for you. Here, only the imagination sets the limits.

If this is the first time you buy, you must remember to add the mounting plate, glue, suction cup and possibly end strips. You can also mount with double-sided tape, which is particularly suitable for those who live in rented accommodation. Feel free to contact our customer service if you have any doubts.

Our 7 different collections contain 26 carefully coordinated and selected colors that can be used monochrome or combined crosswise.

You can find our signature colors in the Smooth’ish and Twenty Twenty collections, and the more muted Nordic-inspired shades in our Greeny, Blues and New Nordic collections. Basically consists of the colors white and black, which are beautiful in their own right – and in combination with our other collections.

In our special edition, Designer Kits, selected designers and trend specialists have selected their favorite colors and combinations. The latest addition is our Tea Tile, inspired by old Chinese tiles, which gives your interior a touch of international character.

If you fancy new colors and new combinations, you simply send your old tiles back to us, and we will reuse them for new tiles, back plates or our special editions. The tile is water resistant, easy to hold and clean.

Welcome to an exuberant color universe where you can playfully create your very own individual expression.