Tea Tile,10×10 – Order item

kr. 36,00kr. 497,00

Tea Tile has a very special story and the first time we saw the tile we fell in love.
On Bornholm, a Danish island, in the 1960s there was a merchant named Kai Nielsen. Kai Nielsen was in many areas a pioneer and ahead of his time. It was Kai Nielsen who introduced tea to Bornholm. In addition, he was the first to have self-service in his grocery store. Something that today we take for granted.
Every time he ordered tea from the wholesaler, he was given a tile. At one point Kai had collected so many tiles that he put them up in his kitchen.
When we first saw this tile, we dreamed of introducing it to Click’n Tile. We think it is rarely beautiful. Tea Tile radiates calm, refreshes memories, and can of course be matched with our other tiles.
Tea Tile is ordered in boxes of 20 pieces.

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