Tesa tape 12mm x 25m

kr. 119,00

If you live in a rental home where Click’n Tile must be able to be dismantled without leaving any traces, or if you just want Click’n Tile temporarily installed, then Tesa tape is the solution. This Tesa tape is 12 mm wide, 25 meters long and reaches 1.5 m2.
The adhesiveness of the tape depends on the surface of your wall. To ensure the best result, we therefore recommend that you perform an adhesion test before final assembly. The adhesion test is done by cleaning a small area and mounting a small piece of tape and let it sit for 48 hours, after which you remove the tape again. If the tape is easy to remove, then your wall is unfortunately not optimal for tape mounting.
To ensure maximum adhesion, use Click’n Tile Cleaner to clean both surfaces (mounting plate and wall) before applying tape.

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