In collaboration with designers and trendsetters, we have worked with many different surface solutions over the years. Our assembly makes it a breeze to change the colors when it suits you. Your tiles and your home can therefore change as you do. Our tiles are available in two sizes and a large selection of color variants.

Click'n Tile - 10x10 Truly Lilac - 10x10 New king

10×10 – Twenty Twenty/Truly Lilac – Blues/New King

Click'n Tile Crushed Banana 10x10

10×10 – Crushed Banana

Click'n Tile Metro Greeny Pear Off

Metro – Greeny Pear Off

Click'n Tile - Pear Off, Crushed Banana, Dusty Sand

Metro – Greeny/Pear Off – Twenty Twenty/Crushed Banana – New Nordic/Dusty Sand

Click'n Tile - Te Tile

10×10 – Tea Tile

10×10 – Fresco/Pool Blue – Twenty Twenty/Powder Room

10×10 – Fresco/Green Grass

10×10 – DOT’ny

Click'n Tile, Greeny, Olive Leaf

10×10 – Greeny/Olive Leaf and Chalk Marker

Click'n Tile, Twenty Twenty, Moroccan Pottery, Crushed Banana

10×10 – Twenty Twenty/Moroccan Pottery/Powder Room

10×10 – Twenty Twenty/Powder Room – Fresco/Green Grass – monteret på en Click’n Tile CUBE, som du også kan bygge. Tryk på vedlagte link hvis du ønsker at åbne byggevejledning. LINK

10×10 – DOT’ish

“Really cool product with many options for personalisation. But the service is almost even higher than the quality. Quick response, sends even more inspiration and is open to suggestions. I love the result!”

Louise – TrustPilot

Overview of colors and tile sizes

Here you can see all our colours and below the image you can see which size the colour is available in and the NCS colour code.

Basically – White
10×10 + Metro
NCS S0300N
Basically – Light Grey
10×10 + Metro
NCS S3502 B
Basically – Dark Grey
10×10 + Metro
NCS S 6005 R80B
Basically – Black
10×10 + Metro
NCS 9000 N
Smooth’ish – Sweet Blush
NCS S 1515 R
Smooth’ish – Grannys Lips
NCS S 4020 R
Smooth’ish – Faded Plum
NCS S 4030 R
Smooth’ish – Plump It Up
NCS S 6030 R10B
Greeny – Pear Off
10×10 + Metro
NCS S 2010 G10Y
Greeny – Olive Leaf
10×10 + Metro
NCS S 2010 G10Y
Greeny – Bottle Are Green
10×10 + Metro
NCS S 8010 G10Y
Blues – Heavenly
NCS S 2020 R90B
Blues – January Sky
NCS S 4020 R90B
Blues – Night Call
NCS S 6020 R90B
Blues – New King
NCS S 7020 R80B
Twenty Twenty – Truly Lilac
NCS S 0525-R60B
Twenty Twenty – Moroccan Pottery
10×10 + Metro
NCS S 3050-Y40R
Twenty Twenty – Powder Room
NCS S 1010-Y60R
Twenty Twenty – Baby Salmon
NCS S 1040-Y80R
Twenty Twenty – Crushed Banana
10×10 + Metro
NCS S 1020-Y
New Nordic – Dusty Sand
10×10 + Metro
NCS S 2002-Y50R
New Nordic – Brown Soil
10×10 + Metro
NCS S 7502 R
Tea Tile
10×10 + Metro
Fresco – Green Grass
NCS S 1556-G
Fresco – Pool Blue
NCS S 1555-B10G
Fresco – Mandarin
NCS S 0580-Y60R


Our tiles are available in 2 sizes, 10×10 cm and Metro which is 13.3 x 6.6 cm, 5 different designs selected by the country’s leading stylists and 23 colours. All colors are available in 10×10 and selected in Metro. If it is the first time you install Click’n Tile, you must remember the mounting plate, glue, suction cup and possibly end strips.

Basically – Greyish tones, black and white foundation. Basically for the classic timeless look.

Blues – Harmonized and elegant blue tones that create calm and balance in both space and mind.

Smooth’ish – Deep reddish shades that bring to mind late summer days with plums, lavender and smoothies in the garden. Smoothish works beautifully in combination with the Greeny collection and New Nordic.

Greeny – Carefully selected shades of green that add a slightly dreamy and natural look to the room.

Twenty Twenty – Is a selection of the most trend-setting color shades of the time. The light pastel colors brighten up any room, and can easily be combined with both our Greeny collection, Blues and New Nordic.

New Nordic – Nordic neutral shades in simple earth tones. Choose New Nordic for a timeless modern look. The colors soften the light for a discreet look with natural depth.

Fresco – As the name suggests, these are our fresh colors. Fresco can refresh any wall, either alone or in combination with other of our colours. Fresco are colors with a statement.

Tea Tile – Inspired by the Chinese tiles that tea merchant Kai Nielsen received in the 1960s.

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