About Click’n Tile

Click’n Tile was founded in 2017 by Lars Thomsen. During a renovation, the idea came about when he had to tear down a tile wall himself. The amount of waste and the workload gave Lars the idea for a completely new tile concept.

Lars is originally a skilled craftsman. He has many years of experience as a product manager at one of the world’s largest paint manufacturers and is therefore an expert in thinking about the development and use of surfaces.


2020 – Design favorite of the year at BoligMagasinet

2021 – Won Gold at the German Design Award in the category “Material and Surfaces”

About the product

Click’n tiles’ unique tiling system makes installing your new tiles a breeze. Our tiles are available in two size variants: our standard 10x10cm, and our subway tiles which measure 13.3*6.6cm. You have the opportunity to mix and match between our collections, which cover over 23 different colours. This way you can create your very own personal look. Whether you need new tiles for the kitchen, children’s room or utility room, Click’n tile has a solution for you. Here, only the imagination sets the limits.

You also have the opportunity to be inspired by our many design proposals. If this is the first time you are buying, remember to add the mounting plate, glue, suction cup and possibly end strips. You can also mount with double-sided tape, which is particularly suitable for those who live in rented accommodation.


“You can safely try your hand at the tiles from Click’n Tile. The system enables you to change colors and expressions easily and conveniently. You don’t need professionals or special craftsmanship, as the tiles can be easily clicked on and off. The tiles are also mounted on a specially designed back plate, which makes grouting unnecessary. Create your very own personal expression with color groups that compliment each other and exchange them at the dealer when the desire arises for new moods and patterns” Liebhaverbolig


If you have any questions or comments, you are always welcome to contact us.

We want to provide the best service, so please note our language limitations.

Our phone number is +45 25168225
Our mail lth@clickntile.com