At Click’n Tile, social responsibility and care for the environment are an important part of our DNA and a core value. That is why we actively support the UN’s global goals. We particularly support the desire to create a responsible business/production that burdens society and the environment as little as possible.

As a tile manufacturer, it is world goals no. 8 and 12 where we can especially make a difference. For us, the world goals act as an additional motivational factor in the work towards a more responsible business.

”Click’n Tile has made it easy and sustainable to change style. After installing the back plate, you can click their tiles off again and again. The tiles require less energy to produce, can be recycled, and are 4-10 times lighter than conventional tiles, which means that transporting them emits less CO2. The mounting plate is made of the same plastic material as the tile and makes it possible to produce new plates from excess from the tiles.”

Danish interior magazine Bo Bedre

UN Global Goal no 8 - Decent work and economic growth

UN Global Goal 8 is about creating decent jobs and responsible economic growth. To this end, we work to create decent jobs with good terms and conditions.
At Click’n Tile, with the exception of the suction cup, we have chosen European suppliers. When selecting a supplier, we have had high standards within working conditions, pay conditions and safety.

UN Global Goal no. 12 - Responcible Consumption and Production

UN Global Goal 12 strives to ensure more sustainable consumption and production methods.
At Click’n Tile, we want to take responsibility for our surrounding society. Therefore, we work based on the concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

REDUCE – We minimise overproduction as we sell directly to consumers through our website. Our moulding processes are less energy-intensive than the process for conventional tiles. Our tiles are 4-10 times lighter than conventional tiles and therefore emit less CO2 during transport per kilometre travelled.

REUSE – Tiles can be used again and again and again and again and again…
We reuse colour discarded tiles for our brass tiles.

RECYCLE – You can see which plastic types the tile is made of via the re-cycle sign on the back. This way we can recycle the tile correctly without further impacting the environment.

“It’s not just in the kitchen that Click’n Tile brings life. It also looks great in the hallway, bathroom, changing table or children’s room, where your kids can create their own wall.”

Danish interior magazine Bo Bedre

RETURN of excess tiles

Recycling means everything to us and we strive to ensure that NOTHING goes to waste. Therefore, you can return your excess tiles.

All you have to do is send an email to, which will give you an address to send your tiles to. When we have received your used Click’n Tile tiles, you will receive a credit memo and bank transfer of 0,13 € per tile.